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this is just one of the best things I've ever heard. - ::mystery_sock::
It's MY crutch and I like it!
this is just one of the best things I've ever heard.

Adrian, describing his falling scene, with Milo above, holding his hand. I almost can't comment on it; one could say that I commented on it for years, and will continue to do so. I love to see a bond like that.

Sorry I haven't been on at all; my life has gone completely sideways. If you can find Jemiah Jefferson on facebook, you will see at least a small fraction of it.

I'm not ditching this LJ; there's more to come. It's just... intermittent. ;)

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fabrisse From: fabrisse Date: September 18th, 2010 04:28 am (UTC) (Link)
I found a book by Jemiah Jefferson on Facebook. *G*
reading_is_in From: reading_is_in Date: September 18th, 2010 09:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow that's...intense. In an awesome way.
And Sendhil is looking extremely beautiful.
charone From: charone Date: September 20th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I thought of you when I first seen this. And the thing about it is that Adrian is so moved by telling the story. I wish I would have went to Dragon Con just for that. I really do hope they are still friends.
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