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It's MY crutch and I like it!
"An open-ended Petrellicest exercise in sheer depravity..."

All the Ritual stories in chronological order. Titles, links, and brief summaries (with ratings), plus a quick overview of this whole "Ritual" relationship - it's everything for the lightly confused, but still interested! Warning: Spoilers for all aired episodes and all published web comics. Now with story arcs delineated! Genre designations to come...
updated December 17 2009
The Reader's Guide to RitualCollapse )

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Yes, you're right, I no longer have time for this.

Ritual's pretty much done as its own thing - and now it's just inspiration for my future works.

I'm leaving this LJ here and visible until it's just not a good idea anymore. But I did just save the whole thing (so far) as a PDF, so that I can like, OWN the evidence that for a few years, I was joyous and productive and a part of a community.

If you do see this message, truck over to http://www.jemiah.com - my official website - check out my other published works, be dazzled by my photos (kidding! well, I dunno, your dazzle may vary), and maybe even leave a comment or two.

And yes, dammit, I still love Heroes.

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In a different fandom.

If you're curious:

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Yes I am. And this account isn't going anywhere - though Bowie knows when I'll ever have time to write Heroes fic again (if you don't count the based-on-thinly-veiled-slash novel I've been working on for SIXTEEN MONTHS). *sigh* Adulthood is a pain in the ass.

Still. My love for my crack show bad boyfriend still burns brightly, and this LJ isn't going anywhere any time soon. I

My newest fandom passion, however, is Sherlock, as I had been warned. It's not going to threaten my primary love, but it's pretty damn compelling. :)

Be well, everyone.


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Adrian, describing his falling scene, with Milo above, holding his hand. I almost can't comment on it; one could say that I commented on it for years, and will continue to do so. I love to see a bond like that.

Sorry I haven't been on at all; my life has gone completely sideways. If you can find Jemiah Jefferson on facebook, you will see at least a small fraction of it.

I'm not ditching this LJ; there's more to come. It's just... intermittent. ;)

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Heh! One of the deleted scenes trainwrecks with Ritual (60) - but it's got so many other moments of total absurdity, not to mention non-canonical-ness, that I can pretend it was just a bad taco. :)

See for yourself on Disk 3 - "Nathan's Worried".

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Ah yes - here I am watching my recently-acquired S4 DVDs... interesting experience. I'm going to have to go back to my own recaps to remind myself what's in each episode! A great season of TV, but in terms of what happens in what episode, I can't necessarily keep track.

The deleted scenes are pretty choice, as usual, even if some of them lead me to think "What were you even trying to do with that micro-arc?" Oh well; ain't it the truth.

Progress on the novel is slow, but happening.

More later!

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Yeah, like I have time to read fanfic right now (I haven't even scratched the surface of the most recent slash awards winners! DAMMIT) but still. I thought I'd appeal to y'alls to see if you can scratch my itch...


I know it's out there. Read any you like? Particularly anything "meta", with them both musing about the fact that they should have gotten killed a long time ago, but were able to survive long enough to change, thanks to their loveability/hotness/great one-liners. ;)

p.s. I tried to watch the film PUSH this week and couldn't, because it reminded me too painfully of Heroes. I haven't watched in ages - again because of the pain, but also because there's so much other TV-on-DVD to watch (currently I'm on Angel [weird to see Elisabeth Rohm playing almost exactly the same character as HRG's rebound woman], Friday Night Lights, and I just started on finally seriously and completely viewing Deep Space 9). I am actually grateful that Glee, Supernatural, 24, and Lost are over (particularly the latter; I make no apologies of the fact that I watched that show even though I hated it) so I can get back to DVD-watching. I do, of course, plan to jump back into Heroes feet-first when the Season 4 DVD comes out. I'll watch the whole show from the beginning again. And it'll be great, even though I'll be crying.

On a personal note, it's almost my birthday! I'm turning a totally boring and meaningless age, but I don't care - I'm still infused with a trremendous gratefulness to be alive and to have so many wonderful things in my life, both past and present. And you, if you read this LJ, are one of those wonderful things. :) Be proud.

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Moaning about on twitter last night, I saw a missive from Milo's pal Dino about a radio show that Milo had been on, talking frankly about the end of Heroes... and some other stuff too. He's currently working on a film up in Canada, which I didn't know, he's responsible for getting Diana Agron on her short but memorable role on Heroes, he's still not drinking, and the saddest part...

He's getting his tattoos removed.

Noooo! This totally bums me out. So much for my fantasy of someday kissing the blue star on his inner bicep. Oh well, a gal can dream, right? Well, not anymore, unless I were to bring a blue Sharpie to a date. :)

Listen here:

Warning: there's a ton of heavy-metal filler bracketing their ads, and a good 30 minutes before Milo gets on while Dino and Gary talk to a guy who semi-successfully predicted a small earthquake in L.A. on Friday night. Illuminating, but admittedly, of limited interest to those of y'all there for the Milo. It's definitely worth listening to (Milo's opinion on the seasons after the first one pretty much fits in with the general one - am I REALLY the only one who genuinely enjoyed the entire show? :/ - but he cusses a LOT, and well, I think it's hot, I don't know about you).

In almost completely unrelated news, I'm still working on my original slashy thing, and it is going to have to be a trilogy of novels. OH DAMN. Anybody who's read my fanfic knows I can't shut up when it comes to talkin about my boys. ;)

And I have no intention of closing this LJ account or taking my fic down unless absolutely necessary. So dig in and enjoy the insanity; it's not going anywhere. And hell, I'm a huge fan of everyone who was ever involved on this show (including Nick D'Agosto, because he's not, and it's not his fault that West sucked big dangly donkey bits) and I've got to have SOMEplace to geek out about them, right?

I sincerely hope you are well.

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That's all for everyone.

I'm too depressed to be coherent.

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