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It's MY crutch and I like it!
Just busy. And feeling disconnected in general. Believe me, my fandom burns brightly, even if I am spending time on everything other than that - and if I can actually finish the book I'm writing right now, I am going to appeal to all the readers of the Ritual series to give it a try, as Ritual was the major inspiration for it in general.

So... forgive. And wake me when the Season 4 DVD comes out.

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This is a very interesting post by Elizabeth Bear about the hyperfiction project that she (and a whole passel of other people) have been working on for the last three years:


Reading through this, it made my mind light up a little bit about what, exactly, Ritual is. In a lot of ways, it can be understood as a non-linear narrative (or at least, it was presented in a non-linear fashion) though it actually has a chronological path, with which the Ritual Reader's Guide is designed to help. Also, comments, and my responses to comments, have been an essential part of the process and body of the stories themselves.

On the other hand it's really not hyperfiction - there aren't a whole lot of explanatory links within the stories, and there are small arcs contained within, but the whole thing is a single story that takes a lot of side roads just by its very nature. I've been interested in creating hyperfiction since I first understood the capabilities of HTML, but back when I had the fire and energy and gumption to do it, nobody was particularly interested in such things, and I also had regular ol' paper novels to write (and a sucky day job to do).


On anything? :)

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...and what fans can do about it. Note: We cannot get the show any more money.

Why Fan Efforts Won't Help Supernatural's Budget (from the Winchester Family Business) - Supernatural-centric, but there are lessons there that Heroes fans would do well to learn - and that give more than a glimmer of optimism for chances of renewal, just in business terms.

Keep buying those DVDs.

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Yeaaaah boyee, it's 4.20, do whatcha will! And our season finale. And the game, oh yes, she is changed.

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My determination to see every second of screen time ever put down by Adrian Pasdar (and Milo, too, but that's not relevant here) has brought me to discover this video that he had a cameo in back in the distant past for his no-doubt friend Bill Paxton's then band Martini Ranch (thanks, Movieline). The scary thing about this video is that I can remember seeing it once back in ye olden days, when music videos were plentiful and I watched as many as I possibly could in late-night Friday and Saturday viewing sessions. Those were good times.


I do believe that's a very dirty Adrian right about 6:04, and earlier too, but just in flashes. Just enough for me to be able to point and laugh.

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Tim Kring, interviewed by the AV Club.

If I were you I wouldn't bother to read the comments. There's nothing there that you haven't seen before. It's just the same vitriol and ugliness that's characterized feedback for the last three years.

But still; Kring. I do want to give him a hug and a cookie bouquet, and let him know that I know he tries, and I'm sorry things turned out this way, and to thank him for giving me such a wonderful show that, somehow, despite everything, I still love AND consider to be of high quality. I guess my minority is even smaller than I imagined. Oh well; whatever, y'know?

A big part of me still hopes that the show doesn't get picked up - and it's almost entirely so that I never have to see stuff like this interview anymore. I still love it, but this suffocating blanket hatred is so hard to live with. My "bad boyfriend" metaphor turned out to be so apt; I feel like I'm in love with a genocidal killer who is on death row, and the populace is outside the jail every day calling for his execution, but he keeps getting appeals. After a while, I just want it over with, so I can move on with my life, and remember the good times. But I'm keeping my married name, dammit (metaphorically speaking). I know it makes me implicitly racist, sexist, illiterate, feeble-minded, immature, and an apologist; OK, then.

I can't defend it anymore. I won't. I love, and I know why I love, and I have passed beyond the state of having to explain. All I can say is I can't wait for the next episode, even knowing that it might be the last. And I'm OK either way.

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Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!
Love between men is clean and strongCollapse )

This is the show I love. Yes, this one, exactly this, this right here. This to me is entertaining, exciting, engaging television. I could always ask for more, but I don't; this show gives me what no other show can, it is like nothing else. I love it immensely. Hugs! Hugs for everybody! Love love love. Love love lovey dovey love with sugar sprinkles on top from the magical rainbow unicorn candy store.

All in all, it's just another brick...

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"The Art of Deception" would have made a better title for the last episode than "Pass/Fail", IMHO... but hey, I don't run the show. And thank God! I'd be dead in a gutter with a heroin needle sticking out of one arm, a bottle of rotgut clutched in the other hand, and a note pinned to my bloody torso that read "All I wanted was to make you happy... blame Zucker..."

This is more of a meta post instead of a liveblog: but it's a little of both. It's not like my liveblogs are keeping the earth spinning on its axis. (if that's the case, we'll find out in a couple of weeks. Two more episodes to go!)
Peter goes for his Ph.D in raw intellect; sandwiches by Mrs. Parkman...Collapse )

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4.17: pass/failCollapse )

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I watched "Upon this Rock" first thing this morning (couldn't sleep, had a couple of extra hours before I needed to start getting ready for work). Oof. (But still; I did finally rewatch it. "Let It Bleed" might still take a while, though; I just can't handle it today. I'm going to watch "Close to You" starting in just a minute - and finish right in time.)

But still - no matter what - on Mondays I get excited. EXCITED! New episode! Oh boy! Oh BOY!

I love it. I just can't stop. Won't stop. I love it.

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