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On fanfiction: Producers often claim that fans disrupt the coherence of the narrative because they generate multiple and contradictory versions of the same characters and events. The case of comics suggest, however, that readers are interested in consuming alternative visions of the series mythos. - Henry Jenkins, "Just Men In Capes?" http://www.henryjenkins.org

On Heroes: By stripping down an image to its essential 'meaning', an artist can amplify that meaning in a way that realistic art can't. - Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics

On writing Heroes fanfiction: It strikes me that the only real reason to take apart a pocket watch..., aside from the simple delight of disassembly, is to find out how it works. To understand it, so that you can put it back together again better than before, or build a new one that goes beyond what the old model could do. We've been taking apart the superhero for ten years or more; it's time to put it back together and wind it up, time to take it out on the road and floor it, see what it'll do. - Kurt Busiek, introduction to Astro City: Life In the Fast Lane